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Professional Diploma in International Payroll Management

In today’s global marketplace the various rules and obligations both inside and outside the UK can be a compliance minefield. The increasingly international business landscape puts great demands on payroll professionals to keep up to speed with multiple legislative environments.

This 52-week, specialist online programme enables candidates to learn new skills in this complex area or consolidate and expand their knowledge to a management level.

Successfully completing the course will earn you a Pearson BTEC Diploma Level 5 in International Payroll Management.

Courses Overview

Duration: 52 weeks Price: £2447+VAT

Who will benefit?

This course is suitable for UK payroll and tax professionals who have responsibility for administering international payrolls as well as those who already have experience in this area but wish to formalise their expertise with a recognised qualification.

The course will also suit those with responsibility for EMEA payrolls but no direct payroll experience such as tax managers or Global Mobility HR professionals who need to understand the impact of employment taxes when employee’s cross borders.

What you'll achieve

This practical programme equips candidates with the technical expertise to effectively deal with and manage payroll requirements of expatriate and inpatriate employees and by the end of the course you will have the knowledge and understanding to be able to deal confidently and effectively with international assignee issues, process payments for international assignees accurately and manage the end to end process of an international payroll.

Course content

Students must have achieved the International Level 3 qualification (Units 1-3) before progression to the Level 5 qualification. Click here to view Level 3 Course Content.

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Unit 4

  • Double Taxation Treaties
  • Introduction
  • OECD Standard Treaty Articles
  • Other Treaty Articles
  • Non-OECD Treaties and the model
  • OECD Commentary
  • Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAS)
  • Non-Double Taxation Agreement Countries
  • Assignment 4 – Double Taxation

Unit 5

  • Principles of Tax Equalisation
  • Introduction
  • Principles of a scheme
  • Advantages of running a tax equalisation scheme
  • Disadvantages of running a tax equalisation scheme
  • Three basic models for schemes
  • Designing scheme rules
  • Example of tax equalisation scheme rules
  • Calculation of hypothetical tax
  • Interaction with the tax return process
  • Assignment 5 – Tax Equalisation

Unit 6

  • Overseas Travel, Subsistence and Living Accommodation
  • Introduction
  • UK Tax Position
  • Detached Duty Relief
  • Removal Expenses
  • Employees Who Carry Out Duties Overseas
  • Foreign Employees Who Carry Out Duties in the UK
  • Offshore Workers in the North Sea
  • Overseas Conferences and Seminars
  • Approach in Other Countries
  • Assignment 6 – Overseas Travel, Subsistence & LA

Unit 7

  • Pension Issues for International Employees
  • Introduction
  • UK Based Employees and their pension savings opportunities
  • The UK Pensions Act
  • Occupational Pension Schemes and Membership
  • Automatic Enrolment for International Employees
  • Double Taxation Agreement Relief
  • Pension Income
  • Pension Schemes in other English-speaking countries
  • Offshore Pension Schemes
  • Assignment 7 – Pension Issues

Unit 8

  • Human Resource Implications for International Employment
  • Introduction UK Visa/Work permit position
  • Employer Sponsorship
  • Employment Rights Act
  • Posted Workers Directive
  • Global Mobility Policies
  • The balance sheet approach
  • Assignment 8 – HR Implications

Unit 9

  • Payroll Procedures Outside of the United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Assignment 9 – Payroll Procedures outside of the UK

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52 weeks£2447+VAT
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