The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has announced the appointment of a new Director of Auto Enrolment. Mel Charles as its new director of Automatic Enrolment (AE), will be responsible for leading TPR’s work to ensure the continued long-term success of automatic enrolment.

Mr Charles has worked for TPR since 2011, with a central role in the design and delivery of automatic enrolment. He then went on to lead the ‘TPR Future’ programme, where he was involved in re-designed the organisation’s approach to regulation, challenging it to become ‘clearer, quicker and tougher’.

His continued work as the new Director of AE, will include supporting employers as they navigate the current COVID-19 crisis and helping businesses to continue to meet their responsibilities towards millions of staff saving into a workplace pension.

Over 1.6 million employers have enrolled their staff into a workplace pension comprising of approximately 10.3 million people currently saving or newly saving into a pension as a result of AE.

Mel Charles, commented on his appointment:

“I am very proud to be returning to TPR’s automatic enrolment operation as its director, but I could never have predicted that my re-introduction would be in the incredibly difficult circumstances created by COVID-19. Despite the current challenges, we must not lose sight of the fact that automatic enrolment is a long-term commitment to savers that has required the combined effort of Government, employers, pension schemes and a range of other service providers to deliver.

It is my privilege to be leading the team responsible for protecting those savers as they work towards their retirement.”

TPR have recently released some technical guidance on COVID 19 which covers pension contributions operated under salary sacrifice and defined contribution certification. You can download the full guidance here.

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