The BBC has revealed the salaries of its presenters and staff for the third year in a row - and it has shown how much more money men made compared with their female colleagues. This has however seen a downward trend over the three years with 2019 showing a 6.8% mean gap where in 2018 it was 8.4% and 2017 10.7%.

On those grounds the BBC published its details which went on further to confirm other areas currently under review by the government which included, part-time, lesbian and gay, ethnicity and disability pay gaps.

On the salary list for 2018 - 2019, 12 of the BBC's top earners are men, while Claudia Winkleman is still the broadcaster's top paid woman at £370,000-£374,999.

This figure however does not include her Strictly salary.

The BBC insists their figures are better than last year in terms of the gender pay gap.

The split between men and women was 60:40 last year in terms of on-air talent earning over the £150,000 cut-off

The broadcaster said they are on track to achieve a 55:45 split in the coming year.

A source told The Telegraph: "Two years ago we were criticised for our gender make-up and how we were rewarding people. We resisted transparency.

"We were wrong to do so. While transparency has led to stars being poached by rivals it has also allowed us to have an honest conversation about our staffing and whether we have been fair.

"The job isn’t complete, but we now have a record of change we can be proud of."

Tony Hall, director-general at the BBC has committed to closing the organisation’s pay gap by the end of 2020 and deliver a gender pay gap of 3% or less in each of the BBC’s career level bands

Hall said: “We remain committed to reaching our target. We know this will be challenging. The changes we’re making need to be sustainable in the long-term and not quick fixes that address it in the short-term. That’s why we continue to compare favourably to most other large organisations, I am determined that we go further and lead the way.”

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