Options from £385 to £2,282 depending on options

A single membership covers you and your team

Our approach to memberships is different from others in the industry: we focus on supporting both you and your team with one single corporate membership.

Our membership ensures that you and your team are always informed, educated and supported. It combines face to face and on demand training with helpdesk support and access to an information portal containing news, analysis, blogs, videos and reference manuals. Leaving you fully equipped to produce accurate, compliant and timely payrolls.

Annual corporate membership £385 to £2,282 depending on options

We care about payroll being done right, that’s why our approach to memberships is different from others in the industry; we focus on supporting both you and your team with one single corporate membership.

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Unlimited Helpdesk Access for
Entire Team
Monthly live video training
Payroll Information Portal, including:

Employers Pay & Benefits Manual

Fortnightly Blog Articles

Payroll Fact File

On-demand access to video training

Unlimited Users
Weekly Payroll Newsletter
Attend 2 Working Meetings a year -
2 people
Attend a Payroll Update Course – 1 person
Access to the Payroll & HR manual
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Each membership receives

Face to face training courses

Our membership package includes you, or one of your team, attending a full-day Payroll and HR Update course or biannual half-day Working Meetings at a location of your choice. The annual Payroll and HR Update course covers all legislative changes within the year. Working Meetings cover news and legislative changes impacting on payroll, include a guest speaker on a hot topic, and give delegates a great opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

Exclusive monthly video training

Monthly at your desk video training on payroll hot topics.

Both you and your colleagues can attend the live and on demand broadcasts every month as well as having access to the entire archive of materials.

Each month we cover a different payroll hot topic in detail, if you cannot attend the live session, where we take live questions from the group, you can view all the recordings on demand. This means you can share key training with colleagues elsewhere in your business such as HR or benefit and rewards teams. Every session is accompanied by detailed course notes available for you to download as a PDF.

Extended helpdesk support

Our payroll helpdesk has been extended to provide members and their teams with a direct line through to our payroll tutors and experts. This gives you immediate access to help you resolve your payroll queries as soon as possible.

The Payroll Information Portal

The Payroll Information Portal is a payrollers “one-stop” shop for knowledge, information and best practice. With regular updates of the latest changes, legislation and trends in the industry through our live video training, blogs and newsletters, you can ensure you keep up-to date and have the tools to build your payroll strategy going forward. If detail on current rules and legislation is required or you just need to update or review a process, our payroll online reference manuals give you a wealth of information on all the main areas of payroll at the touch of a button.

"I know it is not till next June but just booked on The Payroll Centre's Annual conference. This is my must do course/conference of the year, having been almost every year for 10+ years, only missing for my wedding and having a baby, I even went one year with a 3 month old in tow! "

Andi Herrington
Director of Payroll Services at Wallis Payroll Ltd

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Options from £385 to £2,282 depending on options
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