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Understand the complexities of pensioner payrolls

In some ways a pensioner payroll is simpler to run, as National Insurance and Statutory payments do not apply. However, processing a pensioner payroll has other complexities.

The implementation of Real Time Information (RTI) and the resulting changes to new starter processes has had a huge impact on pensioner payrolls.

HMRC provides guidance for pensioner payrolls to help providers get it right. In this course we look at this guidance as well as many other issues that are vital to this process.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1 day Price: £494+VAT CPD: 6 hours (certificated)

Who will it benefit?

If you are embarking upon running a pensioner payroll for the first time or require additional practical guidance to help and assist you in correctly processing your current pensioners’ pay this course is ideal.

What you'll achieve?

Delegates will get a full understanding of the requirements for running pensioner payroll.

Course Content

Practical advice will be given on how to deal with disputes with ‘suppliers’ who perhaps claim that their work is outside the scope of the Scheme.

Even though employers may not be directly involved in the construction industry they may have to be involved in the scheme if they are undertaking a construction project of more than £1m per annum.

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  • Payment of Uncrystallised Flexible Lump sum (UFPLS benefits)
  • Continuing to provide employer benefits after retirement
  • Setting up a new pensioner payroll
  • P45s and options for starter declarations
  • Taxation and allowances including K tax codes and the Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT)
  • Calculating a pensioner’s tax deduction
  • Transferring details from an employer payroll
  • Dealing with AEOs and DEOs
  • Implications upon the death of the pensioner
  • Reporting the information to HMRC
  • Making the final calculations
  • Beneficiaries
  • Giving of gifts and benefits and the tax implications
  • Recovering overpayments from pensioners
  • Fraud
  • Starting and stopping pension payments
  • Impact of local agreements
  • Working and receiving a pension from the same employer
  • Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Pay periods and RTI
  • Impact of RTI on new pensions
  • Deadlines for submission
  • Full Payment Submission
  • Employer Payment Summary
  • Penalties
  • Payslips
  • Finalising the tax year and issuing the P60

"I have used The Learn Centre on a number of occasions and have found it provides a great platform to gain the knowledge required to carry out my job. I started off with the Payroll Technician course and this in-depth learning gave me a great foundation of payroll knowledge to build upon and give me the confidence to progress up the career ladder, well worth it and would certainly recommend, no matter what level you are at there will be a course/qualification that can help you."

Ayman Zagloul
HR Analyst at Queen's University Belfast

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1 day£494+VAT
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