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Understand the impact of the latest case law on payroll

Over the last few years there has been substantial change in employment in the UK. We’ve seen through The Taylor Report and a number of government consultations that work in the UK is evolving to manage the ever-changing workforce and its now more important than ever to understand working status, employment law and the rights and processes required to manage and pay employees and workers correctly.

With the announcement in the Autumn budget that IR35 will move in to the private sector in April 2020, we look at its history and processes.

Today, full time work is reducing while part-time employment and the other forms of employment through new business models requires the payroll and HR function to be up-to-date, flexible and have the knowledge to review the workforce.

The course will also look at consultations, government responses and where employment could go in the future.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1/2 day Price: £267+VAT CPD: 3 hours certificate

Who will it benefit?

This payroll training course is perfect for anyone with responsibility for running compliant payrolls together with HR and recruitment teams who need to understand the correct status of appointing employees.

What you'll achieve?

Delegates will gain a full understanding of these key payroll issues enabling them to avoid breaching NMW rules, avoid company fines and contract staff under the correct employment regulations.

Course Content

This course will assist employers in understanding the employment status of existing and future staff and will also review the rules and possible pitfalls complying with NMW standards.

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  • The status of employment and its effects on payroll
  • IR35 off payroll working
    • How the changes have been applied in the public sector
    • The “check employment status for tax” (CEST) tool
    • Implementing IR35 in the private sector
  • Working Time Regulations (WTR)
    • employment rights
    • Working Time
    • Holiday pay
  • Different forms of employment
    • Review the different types of employment – Employment, workers and the GIG economy
    • Understand and review case law and its effect on pay and employment
    • Review flexible working and the flexible working bill
    • Reporting to HMRC
    • Audit, controls and penalties
  • Future trends
    • Statutory Leave
    • Working hours pay and deductions
    • Pay and payslip information, including the new itemised payslip requirements

"Cintra HR & Payroll Services has a long standing relationship with The Learn Centre – they are an absolutely integral part of the payroll community. Their training courses and annual conference are a must for all payroll professionals and not just for up to the minute technical topics: their training really puts payroll and payroll issues into context, taking into account commercial, economic and political influences."Carsten Staehr - CEO at Cintra HR & Payroll Services

Carsten Staehr
CEO at Cintra HR & Payroll Services

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1/2 day£267+VAT
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