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Everything you need to keep your payroll compliant

This Payroll and HR Annual Update course is attended by more payroll professionals than any other payroll training course and is an essential annual staple for payroll and HR professionals. Over 90% of delegates attending rebook for the following year to keep themselves and their companies compliant with the ever changing legislation.

The course programme constantly evolves to cover the latest legislation, case law and proposals for change, leaving you confident that your business remains compliant.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1 day Price: £494+VAT CPD: 6 hours certificate

Who will it benefit?

The course is ideal if you have a day-to-day responsibility for any aspect of payroll or HR where it is critical to understand how changes to practice and legislation impact your operations.

It is suitable for professionals running payrolls of any size within the UK and those professionals developing HR policies.

What you'll achieve?

On completion of this annual course you will be completely up-to-date with current UK payroll and HR practices and legislation.

You will be confident of your ability to process compliant payrolls and be able to deal with queries from colleagues who deal with HR, pensions, rewards and benefits .

Course Content

The course programme constantly evolves to cover the latest legislation, case law and proposals for change, leaving you confident that your business remains compliant.

Due to continually changing legislation, following completion of the course, delegates are provided with web access to regularly updated course notes to ensure continued support after the course.

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The UK Budget 2020

The UK’s Exit from Europe – an update

  • Review of Status and People
  • Sending Workers Abroad
  • GDPR Post Brexit

UK Devolution

  • The rules, legislation and differences between the countries

Income Tax

  • Tax and Allowances in England and Northern Ireland
    • Codes, Allowances, Bands and Thresholds
  • Scottish Income Tax (SIT)
    • Codes, Allowances, Bands and Thresholds
  • Welsh Income Tax (WRIT)
    • Codes, Allowances, Bands and Thresholds
  • Future Tax Expectations

Childcare and Childcare Vouchers in the UK

  • Updates on Childcare Vouchers and other arrangements

Termination Payments

  • Changes to National Insurance
  • Post-Employment Notice Pay
  • Considerations around Notice Pay


  • History Rules and processes
  • Getting it right
  • Understanding the Supply Chain
  • The CEST Tool
  • Preparing for the legislation
  • Case Law

OpRA and Salary Sacrifice Update

  • Cars, Vans and other working examples
  • Special Annual PAYE Schemes

Short Term Business Visitors


  • Updates and news from HMRC
  • Law Payments and Awards – England, Wales and Scotland
  • Law Payments and Awards – Northern Ireland
  • SSP and Rates
  • The Sickness and Health Consultation
  • Parental Payments and Rates – Maternity, Paternity, Shared and Adoption
  • Parental Leave and Support Consultation
  • Parental Bereavement
  • Rights, Rules and Obligations during Statutory Leave

National Insurance

  • UK Rates and Thresholds
  • Changes to the Employment Allowance

Real Time Information

  • Updates, changes and best practice
  • Correct Pay Runs
  • Employer Easements and Penalties
  • The Earlier Year Update
  • Changes to the FPS
  • Changes to the EPS

Statutory Payments

National Minimum Wage

  • Ages and Rates
  • Deductions from pay
  • Calculation and Arrears
  • Worker Status
  • The Voluntary Living Wage

Student and Postgraduate Loans

  • Administration and Live Messaging
  • New Rates 2020/21
  • Future

Expenses and Benefits

  • Guidance and Changes
  • Trivial Benefits Update and Guidance
  • PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSA)
  • Loans
  • Company Cars
  • Car Rates and Changes
  • Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles and WLTP
  • Future expectations around fuel and the environment
  • Company Van rates and charges


  • 2020 Changes
  • The Annual and Lifetime Allowance
  • Auto-Enrolment and Re-Enrolment Update
  • State Pension Age and Retirement
  • Future Changes

Employment Rights

Holiday Pay

  • Holiday Rights
  • The Good Work Plan
  • Is holiday being paid correctly?
  • Entitlements and Bank Holidays
  • Managing situations (Leavers, Maternity and Sickness)
  • Case Law
  • Common mistakes and issues
  • Working out a week
  • 2020 changes to calculations
  • Working Examples of calculations

Other Employment Rights

  • Updates on Good Work legislation
  • The Statement of Particulars

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