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Everything you need to know about OpRA

Optional Remuneration Arrangements (OpRA) is the new model the government have introduced to cover the calculation and recording of tax efficient benefits to employees for the tax year end.

You will need to report under the new arrangements if any of your staff currently sacrifice salary in return for:

  • Car parking
  • Private Medical / dental insurances
  • Technology / mobile phones
  • Cars (over 75 g/km) / vans
  • Car Fuel
  • Accommodation
  • Use of assets
  • Transfer of assets
  • Authorised mileage allowance payments
  • Own goods / products
  • Health assessments
  • Personal loans

Courses Overview

Duration: 1/2 day Price: £267+VAT CPD: 6 hours certificate

Who will it benefit?

This course covers the history, change management and reporting as well as detailed working examples to support Finance, HR, Benefits Managers and Payroll professionals as they prepare for the tax year end.

What you'll achieve?

Delegates will leave able to review all current and future salary sacrifice arrangements and ensure they are compliant with the new rules and correctly reported to HMRC, avoiding unnecessary and harmful tax and NI payments where allowable.

Course Content

This course will assist employers in understanding the employment status of existing and future staff and will also review the rules and possible pitfalls complying with NMW standards.

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  • Legacy and Salary Sacrifice History
  • Government decisions and changes since 2016
  • What was salary sacrifice pre 2017
  • Rules around the “ring fenced” sacrifices
  • Short term rules on “lease based sacrifice until 2021”
  • What is OpRA
  • Understanding the OpRA types
  • Understanding the implications and managing type A schemes
  • Understanding the implications and managing type B schemes
  • Case law relating to Salary Sacrifice and OpRA
  • What impact is there on state benefits
  • Working Examples of both OpRA schemes
  • The P11d requirements and impact
  • Changes to the P11d form
  • Payrolling OpRA schemes

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1/2 day£267+VAT
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