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Mastering Holiday Pay and Leave Compliance: Navigating Regulations and Ensuring Accuracy!

It is essential to have a comprehensive grasp of the intricate regulations governing holiday pay and leave to avoid potential consequences such as significant retroactive payments and penalties due to non-compliance. We shall also be discussing the legislation & Working Time Directive regarding accrual of annual leave and pay,

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of the significance of influential case law and statutes, as well as the distinctions among various forms of annual leave. Participants will learn how to effectively apply these principles to a range of scenarios, including backpay, zero hour contracts, and part-year entitlements. Additionally, the course delves into the interplay between holiday leave, sickness, and maternity leave, offering valuable insights.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1/2 day / On-demand Price: £295+VAT CPD: 3.5 hours certificate

Who will it benefit?

This course is tailored for HR professionals and payroll managers overseeing employee leave and pay. It's ideal for those navigating the intricacies of holiday pay regulations and ensuring compliance with the Working Time Directive. Individuals involved in legal compliance, HR, or payroll will benefit from understanding holiday pay intricacies, leave entitlements, and related legal obligations. Whether you're new to the field or seeking to deepen your expertise, this course offers essential knowledge and practical insights.

What you'll achieve?

Attendees will develop a deep understanding of holiday pay rules, leave benefits, and adherence to the Working Time Directive, preparing them to handle these matters in their organisations. They will acquire skills to manage intricate legal responsibilities, reduce risks, and sidestep fines, utilizing these concepts in situations such as retroactive pay, zero-hour agreements, and partial-year rights. By the end of the session, participants will be well-equipped with the knowledge and capability to implement precise and lawful policies regarding holiday pay and leave.

Course Content

The course programme constantly evolves to cover the latest legislation, case law and proposals for change, leaving you confident that your business remains compliant.

Due to continually changing legislation, following completion of the course, delegates are provided with web access to regularly updated course notes to ensure continued support after the course.

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Introduction to UK Payroll

  • The significance of mastering holiday pay and leave entitlements
  • Introduction to the Working Time Directive and its relevance to payroll management

Mastering Holiday Pay Regulations

  • Defining holiday pay and its importance
  • The legal framework governing holiday pay in the UK
  • How to calculate holiday pay: Examples and best practices
  • Common misunderstandings and errors to avoid

Comprehensive Guide to Leave Entitlements

  • Differentiating types of leave: statutory versus additional entitlements
  • Calculating leave entitlements for full-time, part-time, and irregular hours
  • Handling carry-over and untaken leave
  • Case studies on managing complex leave situations

Navigating Legal Obligations and Ensuring Compliance

  • Guaranteeing compliance with UK legislation and regulations
  • Risk mitigation: Audits, penalties, and legal repercussions
  • Best practices for documentation and reporting
  • Updates on recent legislative changes and their implications

Practical Applications and Case Studies

  • Analysing scenarios: Retroactive pay, zero-hour contracts, part-year entitlements
  • Leveraging software and tools for efficient payroll management
  • Developing organisational policies and procedures

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Michael Stevenson
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