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Understand the payroll requirements of Canada

Increasingly, UK based payroll teams are expected to manage payroll production for other countries, often outsourcing to local experts, but the employer remains ultimately liable for any compliance issues.

The UK team may be required to provide a sign-off to the outsourced provider. Do you know what you are signing off or how to check the basic features of a payroll service in a country where you are not familiar with the rules?

Our course provides you with a comprehensive overview of Canada's rules to enable you to compliantly manage your approach, the following is addressed on this course:

    • Tax Authority details
    • Income tax withholding obligations and rates
    • Basic tax calculation
    • Tax free items
    • Treatment of Benefits In Kind
    • Social Insurance calculation
    • Monthly and annual reporting requirements
    • Payroll relevant employment law covering working time, annual leave, sickness and parental leave
    • A look at relevant local websites

We provide a course manual as well as comprehensive local documentation, in English where available.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1 day Price: £643+VAT

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Who will it benefit?

This course equips you with essential management knowledge to take a decision as to whether or not to outsource or have a local team running payroll in-house in Canada.

What you'll achieve?

Delegates will gain an understanding of local payroll legislation and how to compliantly manage an in-house or outsourced payroll provider in Canada.

Course Content

This course can be run in house making it suitable for attendance from an entire management team as well as payroll professionals - HR and Finance/Tax managers, giving all senior stakeholders an excellent grounding in what’s in store for the company with employees in Canada or looking to expand their operations into Canada.

Canadian payroll and tax regulations

  • Canada Revenue Agency structure
  • Registration process
  • Payroll Program Account
  • SIN Numbers
  • Personal Tax Credits – how they work
  • Form TD1 – employer obligations
  • Provincial forms – Quebec TP-1015
  • Calculating taxable pay
  • Valuing BIK – cars etc
  • Using tax tables to calculate Federal and Provincial tax
  • On-line tax calculator – how to use
  • One-off payments and variations on tax calculation
  • Role of ESDC
  • CPP calculations
  • Thresholds and exemptions
  • CPP liability for non resident employers
  • Reciprocal Social security Agreements
  • Employment Insurance calculations
  • Employer reductions in Employment Insurance – how to achieve this
  • Record of Employment details – insurable hours, earnings etc
  • PIER reviews
  • Provincial details – eg Quebec, QPP, QPIP etc
  • Paying remittances to CRA
  • Penalty regime
  • Starter and Leaver procedures
  • Year End procedures
  • T4 and T4 Summary submissions
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Canada Labour Code
  • Vacation and public holiday pay
  • Sickness, Maternity and Parental leaves
  • Minimum wage
  • Notice periods

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1 day£643+VAT
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