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Gain practical skills to manage UK statutory payments and leave

This practical training course uses a variety of realistic examples and exercises designed to give you a basic working knowledge of this complex area, including the factors you need to take into account to ensure full compliance.

The course can be taken as a stand-alone course and forms part of our highly successful 3-day Payroll Techniques course which can lead towards a Pearson BTEC Award Level 3 in Payroll Techniques.

These courses will continue to run as advertised but will now be delivered live by our expert tutors via an interactive online platform so that you can continue to gain knowledge and training from the comfort and safety of your homes or offices.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1 day Price: £643+VAT CPD: 6 hours (certificated)

Who will it benefit?

This course is ideal if you require a good understanding of current UK statutory pay and leave provisions.

Whether you’re new to payroll or HR, returning after a break or just providing absence cover, the course will equip you with the knowledge to manage the various forms of family leave and how to calculate and pay the statutory payments due.

What you'll achieve?

By the end of the course you will be able to manage family leave requests, understand the rules to apply, calculate, pay and report statutory payments and have the ability to effectively communicate with your staff.

Course Content

This payroll training course covers everything you need to be able to explain exactly how payments are calculated and what rights employees have during any of the statutory leave periods.

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Statutory Maternity & Adoption Leave and Pay

  • Form MATB1 (SMP), Matching Certificate (SAP) and key dates for entitlement
  • Requirements for notification, qualifying service, and calculating average earnings
  • Other key factors, including:
  • Effect of early birth
  • Pregnancy-related absence
  • Working for more than one employer
  • When to start paying SMP / SAP
  • How to calculate the SMP / SAP to be paid
  • How much to recover
  • Understanding the notice requirements
  • How to complete forms SMP1, SMP2 and SAP1 and SAP2
  • Entitlement to and differences between Ordinary Maternity Leave (OML) and Additional Maternity Leave (AML):
  • Compulsory Maternity Leave (CML)
    • Notice periods
    • Terms and conditions during leave
    • Right to return to same job or not
  • Brief overview of Statutory Adoption Leave and Pay

Paid and Unpaid Parental Leave and Dependency Leave
Statutory Paternal Pay

  • Brief overview of parental leave and time off for dependents
  • How to determine the key dates
  • Entitlement to SPP, the requirements for notification and evidence, qualifying service
  • Calculating average earnings
  • Other key factors:
    • When SSP overrides SPP
    • Early birth
    • Working for another employer
    • When to start paying SPP
    • How much SPP to pay
    • SPP1

Statutory Sick Pay

  • Defining a Period of Incapacity for Work (PIW)
  • Linking of PIWs
  • Defining Qualifying Days (QD)
  • Defining Waiting Days (WD)
  • The use of self-certificates and the provision of medical evidence
  • Calculating average earnings
  • Making decisions on entitlement and exclusion
  • How to complete form SSP1
  • Step-by-step calculations, plus examples and exercises, with tutor assistance

"My team always attends the annual Payroll and HR Update course. Essential information covering often complex legislative changes, always presented by excellent trainers with in depth knowledge of their subject. A 'must attend' course for any serious payroll professional."

Deon Piovesan
Finance and Payroll Manager at Capital City College Group

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1 day£643+VAT
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