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Build on core payroll skills

This practical training course covers key concepts in UK payroll and legislation that will add to your understanding of calculating the payslip. Through working examples and discussion, you will learn the essential aspects of good payroll practice also master some of the more complex PAYE and NI calculations and related legislation.

It can be taken as a stand-alone course or as Day 3 of the Payroll Technician course which can lead towards Pearson BTEC Award Level 3 in Payroll Techniques.

These courses will continue to run as advertised but will now be delivered live by our expert tutors via an interactive online platform so that you can continue to gain knowledge and training from the comfort and safety of your homes or offices.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1 day Price: £536+VAT CPD: 6 hours (certificated)

Who will it benefit?

This is an ideal course if you have basic experience of current UK payroll practice and are looking to develop your knowledge and further your payroll career.

This comprehensive payroll training course is also invaluable to accounts and HR staff who have some responsibility for the payroll operation as part of their wider remit. As well as a practical overview of the more complex areas of the UK tax and NI system, you will gain an awareness of the obligations and responsibilities relating to other legislation that affects the overall performance of the payroll function.

What you'll achieve?

By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of working time and pay legislation.The course will also focus on more complex payroll calculations and deductions including Court Orders, Student Loans and managing overpayments as well as the leavers process and reporting.

Course Content

This payroll training course can be taken as a stand-alone course, however the content also forms day 3 of the Payroll Technician course which can lead towards Pearson BTEC Award Level 3 in Payroll Techniques.

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Tax and National Insurance Calculations

  • Correct tax and NI treatment of:
    • expenses
    • vouchers
    • approved mileage allowance payments
    • holiday pay
    • pay-in-lieu-of-notice (PILON)
    • other payments made when, or after, an employee leaves

Deductions from Pay and Overpayments

  • Lawful deductions from pay and the protection of wages provisions of the Employment Rights Act as it applies to:
    • Statutory deductions
    • Contractual deductions
    • Voluntary deductions
    • How to avoid problems when recovering overpayments of wages

Employment Rights and Pay

  • The rights of workers and their implications for payroll
  • Paid annual leave rules
  • The procedures to avoid heavy penalties when taking on new employees
  • National Minimum Wage and Working Time

Court Orders and Student Loans

  • All of the different types of court order in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (the appropriate orders are covered depending on where the workshop is held)
  • Step-by-step calculations with examples
  • The forms that can trigger student loan deductions
  • Calculating the deductions using calculator or tables with examples
  • When to stop deducting
  • Completion of a P45 when an employee leaves and the student loan impact

"Cintra HR & Payroll Services has a long standing relationship with The Learn Centre – they are an absolutely integral part of the payroll community. Their training courses and annual conference are a must for all payroll professionals and not just for up to the minute technical topics: their training really puts payroll and payroll issues into context, taking into account commercial, economic and political influences."Carsten Staehr - CEO at Cintra HR & Payroll Services

Carsten Staehr
CEO at Cintra HR & Payroll Services

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1 day£536+VAT
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