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Understand the technicalities and practicalities of running a payroll department

Good departmental control and management will make a payroll department more effective and the ongoing changes to legislation mean a continual change in how a payroll department operates. Software will handle the technical issues, but the payroll manager or supervisor must now plan and manage timetables and procedures on an ongoing basis to stay ahead of an ever-changing environment.

This course looks at the effects of these continuing changes and assists in the running, planning and managing of them such auto enrolment, GDPR, OpRA and the recent amendments to Salary Sacrifice Schemes. We will also look into the payroll operation and provide some practical tools to help you analyse, update and document your new procedures.

Courses Overview

Duration: 1 day Price: £643+VAT CPD: 6 hours (certificated)

Who will it benefit?

This course is ideal for those new to a supervisory and managerial role and for anyone responsible for the payroll who need to ensure that effective controls and payroll procedures are in place or want to build on their skillsets to progress up the career ladder.

What you'll achieve?

Through practical learning as well as tips and good practice examples, delegates will learn to plan for payroll timetables and procedures in conjunction with linking these to the latest legislation for overall good team management.

Course Content

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Auto Enrolment & Re enrolment

  • Strict deadlines for payroll reporting and the ongoing monitoring of employees.
  • First deductions, opt outs, the use of postponements and an action plan for re enrolment.

Overpayments of salary error procedures

  • The correct procedures for recovering an overpayment from an employee.
  • Monitoring errors on the payroll and remedial actions

Written procedures manual

  • Important tips to ensure that your Written Procedures Manual is effective up to date and includes RTI processes

Salary Sacrifice & OpRA

  • Extending the range of benefits.
  • Employer responsibilities and financial planning
  • Planning for Payrolling Benefits in Kind

Payroll Supervision and Management

  • Reconciliation and Employer Payment Summary (EPS)
  • How to reconcile the payroll and make any necessary adjustments
  • How to ensure the payroll team are technically up to date
  • Delegation
  • The first steps to delegation of tasks
  • Preparing and delivering effective meetings/training sessions
  • Why payroll?
  • Planning for the changeover
  • Consideration for the employer and employee
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (risk assessment, creating a working document, contingency planning)

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1 day£643+VAT
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