The ACT online assessment platform provides you with a detailed understanding of your payroll team’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to build your team’s core skills and legislation compliance.

Assessment Platform

An annual licence for all your team to access the assessment quizzes that are hosted via our web portal.

The unlimited access means you can continually measure, reflect and develop further cycles of learning to best fit your business at a time to suit you.

Training days

We offer highly flexible training packages to help you address the specific knowledge requirements of your team.

These range from:

  • in-house training days tailored to your team’s needs
  • training days based on each specific assessment level
  • bespoke training whereby our expert tutors will come to train your in-house training team so they in turn can deliver the specific training required for your business (our Train the Trainer model)

We can also offer a hybrid of all of the possible training formats which our account managers will be happy to discuss with you.

Training Content

An annual licence to our training materials so that we can effectively deliver the training (resulting from the above) and your team have a resource to refer to.

This content includes manuals, PDF of the slide decks and any other training collateral we provide as part of ACT.

This material is updated each year to reflect the changes in legislation that impact on payroll.

Helpdesk access

Our payroll experts are on hand to answer questions that may result from the subjects covered in your training course so that your team can clarify their understanding.

ACT gives you and your team direct access to our payroll experts.

To help give you a sense of the questions within the assessment why not have a go at our sample questions here?

How ACT is helping clients, click on each quote to see details

"As soon as I heard the concept, I knew it would solve a real problem I had." Karen Thomson, Armstrong Watson LLP

"I came across ACT by accident and I am so pleased I did; I wish I had known about the system earlier! As soon as I heard the concept, I knew it would solve a real problem I had. My team of 20 payroll administrators need to keep up with their CPD, I need to ensure my team are trained and keep up to date at an affordable cost and then I need to ensure I can evidence they have learnt what they need to know.

The ACT tool is electronic, looks whizzy and innovative and best of all can link to our competency framework. This framework determines where a payroll administrator is with their skill set and is linked to progression salaries. What better way for me as a Partner in a firm, who heads up the payroll team, to know where everyone is and what they need to do to meet the needs of our clients and their personal development plans.

The resource it takes to put a training module together along with an assessment tool just wasn’t viable in-house; this does all that and more for me and my team; we cannot wait to get going as I know it will be just what I was looking for."

Karen Thomson, ChFCIPP MSc Dip FHEA, Partner, Head of Payroll Services, Armstrong Watson LLP - Accountants and Financial Services

"Payroll has ever changing rules and legislative changes, and this is a tool which will allow us to identify areas for improvement easily and quickly." Katy Christiansen, A2+B LLP

"A2+B LLP introduced the ACT Assessment Platform in January 2019 and we are already feeling the benefit!

We started discussions with The Payroll Centre in October 2018 and were thrilled to see the new training platform they were bringing to the market. They listened to the challenges we faced and tailored the system to our needs.

Our team is constantly growing, and we have challenges in recruiting payroll individuals who are as technically strong as they say they are. We have now introduced the ACT platform into our recruitment process which helps to provide great visibility of an individual’s skills much earlier in the recruitment process than was previously possible.

We invest a lot of time training and developing the team, and everyone has really embraced the change as we have introduced ACT. It provides each individual the detail of where they need to develop their technical knowledge but also provides them with the confidence that they know what they are talking about!

Payroll has ever changing rules and legislative changes, and this is a tool which will allow us to identify areas for improvement easily and quickly; with the ACT team then providing the training to remove the knowledge gaps.

As a management tool this has given us access to information we have never had before. With the system being set up so the management team has complete access to results across the entire team and can therefore tailor training specific to the areas we need to focus on which will save us a lot of time!

We are a growing business and it’s great to demonstrate to our current and potential clients that we invest in our people and have a framework where we are continually monitoring and improving the team’s technical knowledge to deliver compliant payroll."

Katy Christiansen, Senior Manager - Integrated Employment Solutions, A2+B LLP


ACT has been shortlisted in the Innovation Award category of the Global Payroll Awards 2019. Taking place in Budapest on 23 May The Payroll Centre are delighted to receive this recognition for this ground breaking training solution.

"I know it is not till next June but just booked on The Payroll Centre's Annual conference. This is my must do course/conference of the year, having been almost every year for 10+ years, only missing for my wedding and having a baby, I even went one year with a 3 month old in tow! "

Andi Herrington
Director of Payroll Services at Wallis Payroll Ltd

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