How does ACT work?

The custom-built online platform uses our unique Payroll Competency Model to target the assessment based on your team members’ roles, ensuring relevant assessments and results for payrollers of all experience levels.

Monitor your whole team

Managers can get a view of how the entire team is progressing with a dashboard that displays an overview of the team. This allows training plans for individuals to be managed more effectively.

View personal development

Individual users are monitored to continually assess their status and progress. As a user progresses through their training programme the portal provides managers and users an instant snapshot of how they are developing.

What ACT does for your team

The ACT online assessment platform provides you with a detailed understanding of your payroll team’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to build your team’s core skills and legislation compliance.

By using our unique competency model, every member of staff benefits from a customised development program, every year. Improved staff satisfaction and retention, and significant skills improvement, leads to more accurate and compliant payrolls.

Assessment is carried out using a series of multiple-choice quizzes on the ACT Assessment Platform, these quizzes cover 3 levels of complexity so that you can assess individuals on their experience and knowledge across the payroll spectrum.

Customise your training based on the assessment results so that the training delivered directly addresses your team’s development areas.

Train your team with a variety of your own, or our, training resources. Should you wish, we can work with you to deliver a variety of training packages based on your team’s requirements.

Reflect and question on the results of your training and assessment outcomes. ACT may indicate other areas of development for your team which can be addressed by further cycles of training.

To find out more simply tell us how many people are in your payroll team?


ACT has been shortlisted in the Innovation Award category of the Global Payroll Awards 2019. Taking place in Budapest on 23 May The Payroll Centre are delighted to receive this recognition for this ground breaking training solution.

"My team always attends the annual Payroll and HR Update course. Essential information covering often complex legislative changes, always presented by excellent trainers with in depth knowledge of their subject. A 'must attend' course for any serious payroll professional."

Deon Piovesan
Finance and Payroll Manager at Capital City College Group

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